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About Us

Our History “Parking Specialists”

Peninsula Parking is a leader and innovator in the valet parking industry. Starting out in 1997 we have provided custom parking solutions for a multitude of clients and have become widely recognized for our dedication to offering a superior level of parking services. Beginning in San Francisco Peninsula Parking continues to grow through creating partnerships with some of the finest restaurants, hotels, health centers and businesses in the Bay Area. Our success has been achieved through extensive research and assessment of our client’s parking, shuttle and concierge service needs. As our list of clientele grows, so does our reputation and we welcome the opportunity to provide a custom parking solution for you.

Our Philosophy “It’s all about service”

Serving our clients’ guests, patrons, patients and residents is our main objective. This philosophy pervades everything we do. It is ingrained in every one of our valued employees. In fact, that’s where superb guest service starts. The goal of our partnership is to ensure your guests receive the same level of service on the curb as they expect inside your property or event. The addition of Peninsula Parking’s Services adds convenience, class and assists you in growing your business through guests’ increased satisfaction.

Our Staff

We challenge our Staff to exceed the usual definitions of what it means to “park cars.” We are not just parking cars, we are serving guests. Our Staff is the front line of our operations, and the source of satisfaction for our clients and our clients’ guests. That is why we have strict hiring guidelines. Our employees are only hired after an extensive screening process, including reference checks and driving record reviews. Once hired, each employee must satisfactorily complete our training program encompassing operations, guest service, and safety. Formal training is followed by our on – the – job mentoring program and evaluation system. Those employees who successfully complete all phases of our training are then given the privilege of serving your guests.

Corporate Values

 Keep promises and show up every day with a winning attitude; pledge superior service and ‘a great experience’ for each guest and client of Peninsula Parking.

 Build a true team focused on the guests’ experience, that supports each other and Peninsula Parking’s Standards of Excellence, realizing that cooperation and communication are the keys to our success.

 Foster a continuous development organization that builds career skills, knowledge and leadership to improve our overall service, quality and profitability.

 Empower each individual to identify process gaps and fix them, to offer constructive feedback, and take a personal responsibility towards setting the standard for the parking services industry on a daily basis.


Thank you for your interest in Peninsula Parking. We invite you to inquire further about how we can be of service and welcome the opportunity to provide a custom parking solution for you.

Rae Ann Reichmuth

Peninsula Parking Inc.