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Commitment to Employees

At Peninsula Parking, we work hard to ensure that our employees have the environment, tools and training they need to do their work safely and effectively. We work to build a culture across all of our operations that values diversity, is fair and inclusive, and provides opportunity for career fulfillment.

Working at Peninsula Parking is not just a job or career. It’s a fulfilling experience marked by any number of rewarding milestones. We take pride in our employees, who in turn take pride in their jobs. Our staff members are known for going out of their way to accommodate our guests and clients. Simply put, we ask employees to go beyond what it means to “park cars.” We are not just parking cars, we are serving guests.

We hire the best employees and listen to them through our employee satisfaction survey as well as more informally through meetings and group sessions. Below you will find our guiding principles for working with each other.

Guiding Principles

Our commitment to our employees is expressed by our Guiding Principles. In order to attract, retain and develop our employees at all levels, Peninsula Parking promises to:

  • Provide pay and benefits which are competitive in the employment market.
  • Provide opportunities for individual growth and career satisfaction.
  • Assist employees to realize their potential by providing appropriate training and development.
  • Observe all laws respecting non-discrimination or harassment.
  • Provide suitable work facilities that safeguard the health, safety and general well-being of employees.
  • Require all to maintain safe and effective work practices while observing all legislated health and safety requirements.

Employee Responsibility

At Peninsula Parking we believe that we have many responsibilities to our employees. At the same time, Peninsula Parking employees have a responsibility to our company. Particularly, our employees have a responsibility to act in accordance with the highest standards of fairness, integrity and equity in all matters.

We also encourage that all our employees report any conflict of interest or unethical behavior in our operations through our confidential hotline email report@peninsulaparking.com

Rae Ann Reichmuth

Peninsula Parking Inc.