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Peninsula Parking – “Developing Leaders”

At Peninsula Parking, we understand that ongoing education and training are crucial to the company’s success and each employee’s success. Our innovative classroom courses and mentoring ensure that Peninsula Parking employees are the most knowledgeable and capable in the parking/hospitality industry and help to prepare them for higher levels of responsibility. The goal of Peninsula Parking’s training and development efforts is to create a framework that drives individual and group performance, with the objective of building employee retention, developing a competitive advantage in the marketplace, enhancing the brand and realizing the highest standard of guest and client satisfaction.

New Hire Orientation

All new employees go through a comprehensive program to expose them to the world of parking, our company’s high standards and the benefits of being a Peninsula Parking employee. Orientation for new employees is an opportunity for them to become acquainted with our policies, procedures and their new work environment. Overall, we express our belief in our core values of Integrity, Opportunity, Teamwork and Excellence and demonstrate how new employees can embody these values in everything they do as a Peninsula Parking employee.

Classroom Training

All new employees participate in our Classic Service training program to help support them in their new role with the company. We also offer a series of custom training videos, recurrent training courses and programs to ensure our employees have the tools and resources to provide exceptional service.

In-Service Training

We continue to raise the professional standards of our employees to ensure the highest quality of service to our clients and their guests. In-service training is conducted on a regular basis to maintain professional certifications as well as standards in our industry. We also actively encourage employees to share their success stories with other workers, particularly those illustrating how they overcame adversity to solve a customer’s problem.

Leadership Development

 The purpose of the Leadership Mentoring is to provide Peninsula Parking leaders with a development experience that builds on their strengths and develops leadership skills.

 New leaders participate in a thorough business orientation program with senior leaders to help prepare for their new roles within the company.

 Offer a curriculum for managers to expand their skills in areas that are critical to business, such as managing employee performance, business acumen and recruiting/interview practices, to name a few.


Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Peninsula Parking is a place where you can plan your future and where you will find opportunities for learning, growth and advancement. If you are interested in our employment opportunities click here

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