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Consulting & Surveying

Parking Consulting “Building Partnerships”

Peninsula Parking uses its extensive operational experience in developing cost effective parking solutions for the public and private sectors. Our expertise also provides our clients with effective guidance, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their parking requirements to optimize access, circulation, efficiency and constructability while minimizing costs.

As consultants we work closely with you to quickly craft effective solutions that exceed expectations, on time and under budget with proven strategies that enhance flow and safety for vehicles and pedestrians.

Consulting & Surveying Services

Peninsula Parking has a deep understanding of project management from planning to implementation the following are some of our customizable services.


Detailed Functional Design

 These consist of plan elements such as actual car capacity, equipment location, and general garage or surface lot specifications.

Site Feasibility and Analysis

 The feasibility of an existing site’s parking design is analyzed to understand the size and construction type to ensure the most functional and efficient operation is utilized.

Parking Operation Analysis

 A complete study of the existing parking operation is undertaken to evaluate the current revenue, labor, and expenses to accurately model future income and expenses.

Ambassador Program

 The simplest facility restriction can generate an excess of difficulties in a high traffic environment. Our program provides a detailed facility evaluation, leading to a convenient and helpful environment where exceptional customer service is always delivered.


The result of our consultation, evaluation, analysis, and recommendation is two-fold. You receive an operational plan that is individual in design and that differentiates your facility from other facilities. More importantly, our custom solutions will help your facility run more smoothly and efficiently by taking the guesswork out of parking management.

Rae Ann Reichmuth

Peninsula Parking Inc.