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Health Care Parking “Service is the Key”

Peninsula Parking has developed specialized parking programs that focus solely on the sensitive needs of hospital patients, visitors, physicians and staff. Our attendants are held to the highest standards of patient care and confidentiality set forth by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Our highly trained Staff encourage patient loyalty while ensuring a positive impact on the first and last impression your patients and visitors have. We provide labor synergies and value by the absorption of patients/visitor services into the parking operation.

Our service teams create a positive experience to help increase the overall safety and satisfaction at your healthcare facility. We conduct detailed instruction in the care and handling of patients, traffic management, security and emergency incident response and reporting.

Parking Services for Healthcare Facilities

Peninsula Parking has a deep understanding of both patient and facility management needs the following are some of our customizable services.


Valet Parking

 Associates open doors, give a pleasant greeting and provide a distinct sense of arrival and departure for guests.

Patient Guest Assistance

 Associates assist guests with their luggage, wheelchairs and provide directions to points within the facility and throughout the neighborhood.

Transportation Service

 Associates transport inpatients, outpatients or employees to and from their home, off-site parking, points on campus, and other areas.

Parking Management

 We manage all aspects of your facility’s self-parking assets. Our focus includes auditing and ticket control, automation, claims processing and resolution, parking concierges and staffing, and garage inventory management.

Consulting and Surveying

 Detailed research and analysis on maintenance costs, permitting, revenue projections, car count audits, pricing surveys, and other key metrics.


Peninsula Parking attendants provide a helpful hand to those patients with disabilities and medical needs as well as a friendly face to greet them upon arrival. Hospital valet parking can improve your patient satisfaction levels and help provide a more comfortable visit to your facility.

Rae Ann Reichmuth

Peninsula Parking Inc.