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Hotel Services “Service is the Key”


Peninsula Parking has developed specialized Guest Services for hotels and living communities that are scalable and highly flexible, allowing us to provide a positive experience for your guests. We strive to make every guest feel like they are the only patron staying on the premises.

Our highly trained Staff perform all front of the house services (valet, door, and bell) resulting in labor synergies providing the right amount of labor and eliminating the expense otherwise carried by the rooms department. Hotels and living communities experience an internal financial swing and an economy of scale from the absorption of services into parking operation.

Our service teams are fully trained in Five-Star and AAA Five-Diamond quality standards as well as professionally certified by the American Hotel & Lodging Association and the National Parking Association.

Services for Hotels/Living communities

Peninsula Parking has a deep understanding of guest hospitality the following are some of our customizable services.


Valet Parking

 Associates create a positive experience that provides that distinctive sense of arrival and departure for guests and are trained to greet every patron with the highest level of hospitality.

Door Service

 Associates open doors for patrons, give a pleasant greeting and provide directions to points within the facility and throughout the neighborhood.

Bell Service

 Associates assist guests with their luggage, deliver luggage and packages to guest rooms, escort guests to and from their accommodations during arrival and departure, and conduct an effective room presentation.

Driver Service

 Associates transport guests or employees to and from the airport, off-site parking, points of interest, and other areas. Transportation provided in guests own vehicle, VIP town car, limousine or shuttle bus.

Auto detailing

 We provide a complete auto care location on premise to add value and convenience for your guests that includes auto wash, wax, carpet vacuum and tire detail.

Parking Management

 We manage all aspects of your property’s self-parking assets. Our focus includes auditing and ticket control, automation, claims processing and resolution, parking concierges and staffing, and garage inventory management.


Peninsula Parking knows guest service is critical to the success of your property and this drives our unique and systematic approach to managing hotel and living community parking operations. Each location we service reflects the standards of the facilities operation itself and recognizes the garage may be the beginning and the end of the guest experience, and as such, requires particular attention that creates a very positive lasting impression.

Rae Ann Reichmuth

Peninsula Parking Inc.