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Parking Management

Parking Management “Maximizing Performance”

At Peninsula Parking, we specialize in maximizing revenue growth and financial performance for our client’s facilities. We accomplish this through a unique formula consisting of pricing, design, employee training, management, audit procedures and revenue control.

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The Keys to Profitability


Peninsula Parking undertakes preliminary assessments to achieve an accurate picture of current market conditions. We work with architects and engineers to optimize facility capacity and efficiency. Ours is a system of collaboration, communication, and control. This checks and balances system enables us to exceed expectations, monitor and evaluate our performance, and create an environment that strives for success.


We excel at people management and fully train our staff on payment policies and procedures as well as acceptable methods of payment at individual facilities. Knowledgeable about the facility and surrounding neighborhoods, they will also be equipped to give departing guests accurate directions and assistance. By serving guests with a sense of urgency, our Cashiers also contribute to a constant traffic flow and reduced wait time. In addition we regularly assess our employees and monitor their performance through spot checks and surveys to maintain a consistent operation.


Our advanced technologies track and report revenues, expenses, and usage patterns. Using automation, parking equipment, software, signage and personnel, guests will be directed to the surface parking lot location, as well as, the facility entrances and exits. Our alliance with national IT companies enables Peninsula Parking to provide our clients with the most technologically-advanced parking systems available in the United States.

Consulting and Surveying

 Detailed research and analysis on maintenance costs, revenue projections, car count audits, pricing surveys, and other key metrics.

Attended Parking Services

 Highly trained staff that can handle event valet parking and overflow situations.

Parking Meters, Coin Boxes, and Electronic Pay Systems

 Installation of various types of self-pay systems in parking facilities are based on demographic, location, traffic volume, and image needs.

Enforcement and Collection

 We take an active role in monitoring and ticketing parking violations, and on site revenue collection.

Master Leasing

 For a garage, valet parking lot, or any type of facility – Peninsula Parking assumes complete responsibility for operation and revenue generation, yet ownership of the facility remains with the client.


 Customized Marketing Services (VIP and Corporate programs, special events coordination, and promotional “ticket space” for nearby establishments, retailers, and vendors).

Peninsula Parking is prepared to participate in numerous ways, with the aim of generating value for our clients. By clearly understanding our clients’ goals, we excel at finding the best way to generate solid returns with any type of parking facility. Call Today!

Rae Ann Reichmuth

Peninsula Parking Inc.