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Restaurant Parking “Service is the Key”

Guests may often cite parking difficulty as a primary reason for choosing one restaurant over another. The last thing restaurant owners want is the first impression of their restaurant to posing parking problems to their valued customers. If potential customers have to hunt for a parking space close to the front door of a restaurant, the frustration factor sets in.

Our Service teams enshure customers are greeted with a warm welcome and experiance a convenient arrival to your location. Fully trained in Five-Star and AAA quality standards your stress and worry about the guest arrival and departure experience is eliminated.

Restaurant Services

Peninsula Parking has developed specialized programs for restaurant that are scalable and highly flexible, allowing us to provide superior services for your guests.

  • Full-service valet parking
  • Parking lot leasing and management
  • Revenue sharing & validation programs
  • Employee permit & parking programs
  • Downtown Valet Programs
  • Consulting services


Extending quality care beyond your doors from the moment of arrival to departure. That’s what our valet attendants do because making a positive first and last impression is so critical. As talented customer service professionals, our attendants truly enjoy helping others. It’s the foundation for our success.


Rae Ann Reichmuth

Peninsula Parking Inc.